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Title: I’m Not Sorry (chapter 3) Rating: PG-13…

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rain pretty

Title: I’m Not Sorry (chapter 3)

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: none.

Disclaimer: NCIS doesn’t belong to me. If it did, certain things would be different. :)




Gibbs had barely left Jenny’s office when she heard a loud ‘thump’ that rattled the pictures on her wall. She hurried out, fairly certain what had caused the sound. It had happened in the past.


“Agent Gibbs.” Her no-nonsense voice stopped him from pounding his fist into the wall yet again, but he didn’t turn to face her.


Seeing the agents in the bullpen pretending not to look, Jenny moved closer so she could speak quietly. “Give the case to Tony, Jethro. Take some time off. And remember what I told you.”


He finally turned around. “I don’t want them to know, Jen. I don’t want to talk to them.”


“Then let me handle it. I’ll tell Tony I put you on leave. He will wonder why but I don’t think he’ll have the nerve to ask.”


Gibbs hesitated, then nodded.


“Promise me one thing, though,” she asked as he started to leave.




“That you will go to Abby and not to Mexico.”


She was pleased when a smile appeared briefly on his lips. “I promise.” With that he brushed past her and quickly descended the steps to the bullpen, ignoring the inquiring looks of his team.



Tony, McGee, and Ziva had watched surreptitiously as Gibbs came out of the director’s office and took out his anger on the wall. “What’s up?” McGee whispered to the other two while Gibbs and Jenny talked.


“Hell if I know,” Tony whispered back. “I guess she seriously pissed him off.”


“Not the first time,” Ziva put in.


When Gibbs started down the steps they looked at him questioningly, but his face was so grim they pretended to focus on work instead. Tony lifted his gaze just enough to see their team leader put away his gun and badge, grab his coat and stalk off to the elevator.


When he was gone, all three looked up. “What was that about?” asked Ziva. “We have a case. He didn’t even give us instructions.”


“That’s Gibbs for you,” Tony answered, looking at Ziva and failing to notice the other figure on the steps. “He’s well known for –“


“Uh, Tony …” McGee began.


“Agent DiNozzo.”


He turned to see the director standing right in front of him. “Yes, ma’m.”


“Agent Gibbs is on leave. I’m putting you in charge until further notice.”


“I will do my best, Director.”


“Thank you.” She glanced at the three agents. “I have the utmost faith in this team’s ability and discretion.”


A moment later she was gone again. “Discretion,” Ziva murmured. “What did she mean by that?”


“I – uh, I think she meant we should mind our own business,” said McGee, “and not try to figure out what’s up with Gibbs.”


“Damn! You’re probably right, McGeek,” admitted Tony. “And it’s so tempting, too. Well, let’s get to work.”


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