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self-control (or lack thereof)

self-control (or lack thereof)

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rain pretty

I went to bed REALLY early last night. I was tired and attempting to catch up on sleep. Hopefully it worked so that I won't get exhausted today -- not at work anyway. We were very busy yesterday. My old chemistry professor came in. The only way I knew though was because I checked in the book he returned! When I looked I saw him sitting with his back to me in the reading area. I had to laugh because I strongly suspect he was avoiding me. He may never come to the library again! LOL I think he's afraid of me. I had a huge crush on him when I was in college and I actually came on to him once (never mind the fact that I was married). He's the professor about whom (if anyone remembers) I wrote the Kioska story. I feel bad for tormenting him so, but at the time I could not control myself (hell, I'm still shaky with the self-control now).

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