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rain pretty
Nothing exciting to write tonight. I moved my computer into the other bedroom so there's more space. It's really nice being in the apartment by myself.... well, in some ways. Other times it's really lonely.

The more I read about what a good/great Dominant is like, and what submission really is, the more I think that is exactly what I need. It would be quite a challenge for me to willingly submit as I have trust issues, but isn't that the whole point? Learning to trust? That would be a wonderful benefit to my life!
  • Pardon...my apologies if this email is unwanted..I have no intention of being rude.

    willingly submitting is indeed a challenge...Of both physical,mental, and spiritual,. In many ways the challenge and succeeding in it is as great a reward to completing a great obstacle course. Proving how far beyond your limitations you can go. it is a success of overcoming.

    Learning to trust, by giving over your control to anoher is indeed a way to rebuild not only trust in the world, but how to trust in yourself.

    I look forward to hearing about your journey
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