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thoughts about my future

thoughts about my future

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rain pretty
I am still thinking about whether to enter submissive training. Am I ready for this? Can I make the choice to trust? I am still researching and what I read is appealing, but that's very different from making a commitment to do it.

R seems to be a bit doubtful about whether he wants to teach me. His last email was rather confusing to me, but I don't know exactly why & so I'm not sure what to ask him to clarify it. This probably makes no sense at all. *sigh*

I'm expected to make a decision by the weekend. I will keep thinking.
  • Pardon, please excuse this post if it is unwanted, or unrequested I have no intention to be rude.

    Training, of anykind in BDSM is a learning experience, and just like colledge/schools/lol jedi training you may have many teachers. While there will always be 'The One' treacher/trainer who makes it all worth while; Infinate diversity equal infinate capability. The more styles/methods you are exposed to the better you will become. Regardless if you are happy with what you know and your style of submission that is success.

    Choosing to Trust is a step that seems so challenging, and there are plenty of valid reasons for feeling that way. Its not so much 'overcoming' the worry/fear/past experiences that makes it difficult do to but rather the uncertanty. In many cases you have to let time tell if the person your submissive to is the type you are looking to hand your trust. Not to worry, this is natural as well.
    Questioning yourself is a good practice. Write down your concerns and then work with those helping you and providing input to offer answers/suggestions and select the one your most comfortable with.

    You have my best wishes.
    **if you reply to this it will go to my work email, which I am not at due to a MIA babysitter. Other wise if you would like to chat mstrkenneth@comcast.net

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